Drunken Cherries

Last summer I went to my local farm shop and picked a huge basket of cherries. As usual I want a little OTT and picked way too many. So I decided to make some Cherry Vodka out of the surplus.

cherrypile_DSC0429-1_edited-1 2

Its really simple

1 litre of the vodka of your choice

600g sugar

300g cherries

CherryVodka Cherry Closeup

(After about 6 weeks the cherries seem to lose their colour)

Put all the  ingredients into an airtight jar shake every couple of days for the first 8 weeks. Be sure to store them in a cool place. This weekend I will decant the results into a bottle or 2 and of course I will do some thorough quality control testing.

I have also made Rhubarb vodka using the same recipe and its such a great drink. Sadly the rhubarb version will lose the rhubarb flavour fairly quickly.

I will post some pictures of the finished product later